1)a combintation of the two words Shits and Giggles,
which means just for fun and no purpose. used to help explain why you did a ceratin thing, when you honestly dont know why you would ever do that to begin with.

2)A nickname/ slang term for a person who does random things for no apparently reason all the time. not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes can have the connotation of a clutz or girl who does the most random crap you can think of.
1) Jon: dude, want to start a band?

Josh: sure, but neither of us have musical talent or time...

Jon: yeah, we can just do it for fun though

Josh:yeah, just for shiggles

2) Adam: dara, why on earth would you put your hampster in a microwave?!?

Dara: idk... XD

Adam: *sigh* ur such a shiggles.
by GodBaconandMopeds September 04, 2010
Top Definition
-a simplified version of the phrase "shits and giggles"
-a synonym for the phrase "for the hell of it"
I kicked someone in the nuts for shiggles.
by Chris Arsena September 03, 2003
Shorter form of replying, for "Shits and Giggles", when asked a question.
Question - Why did he just do that for?
Answer - "For Shiggles"
by F. Abdool September 18, 2007
1.) A move somewhere between a shimmy and a wiggle
2.) shortening of "shits and giggles"
1.) Woah man that movie totally gave me the shiggles!
2.) We'll do it just for the shiggles.
by DanixLove March 24, 2009
Short for "Shits and giggles"
We did it for shiggles.
by kltplzyxm March 11, 2009
v. To express mirth by a series of spontaneous, usually unarticulated sounds accompanied by the release or near release of one's bowels


1.The act of such an expression

2.The combination of "shit" and "giggle"
When I hear homophobes rant and wail, it always makes me shiggle.
by little.d June 27, 2013
shig - gulz
Describing ones justification for decisions.

Additive "shits" + "giggles"
Xxr gave his entire guild 500 gold for shiggles.
by Undeadoracle December 16, 2010
Shiggle: a unit of measurement describing 1 unit of time of a woman's "jelly" jiggling. 1 shiggle equates to 2 and a half seconds of booty jiggle.
Christian: "And thats the last time I let her make brownies..."
Jeren: "Did you see that girl?!"
Brian: "She made her booty jiggle for a shiggle."
by The shiggle crew May 07, 2008

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