nap, others may say it means shit. but not anymore<3
Hi I'm taking a shig at the moment.
Your taking a shit?!?!?!
No imbusul, I'm taking a nap!
by da beaniebaby & la coliecakes April 21, 2007
About the closest you can come to using english letters with Norse Runes
Shozog is the keeper of the holy shig.
by Bolarg July 14, 2003
1. Reference to a female with larger shoulders than the typical NFL linebacker;
2. A woman who manhandles her partner in a relationship, emotionally and sexually.
Tom: Did you see Eric's new girlfriend?
Joe: Yeah! She's such a shig, I bet she slaps him around all the time...
by John Erickson November 25, 2007
-african-american church
-originated from churchy shig
-usuall hang-out for caucasions at night
-yo...have u seen what happend to the shig??
-lets go to the shig and just hang
by no 1 May 22, 2004
crap, boof, poo
I shigged my pants.
by Boofalofagus January 19, 2004
An engagement offered to a performer, predominantly a classical musician, with at least one component which renders the engagement SHIT.

Examples of SHITINESS may include rubbish fee/venue/repertoire/other performers you dislike/being asked to do something stupid or annoying.
" I did a 6 hour long concert last night for £30. It was a proper shig"

" I'm doing a shig tomorrow"

" This is a real shig"
by Georgiebass August 05, 2014

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