Based on the word "shyster," meaning "an unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law." It comes from the German term "scheisser," which literally means "one who defecates."
John Ashcroft got real shiesty after eating at Taco Bell.
by Venus May 27, 2004
A person who you cant trust and does shady things behind your back.
EX 2 Dude meredith taylor is so shiesty.
by BAR04 February 10, 2009
to be shady or wavering in general trustworthiness. To invoke feelings of unreliability and hesitancy in people. To have inexplicable trust in shady organizations and characters
Pooja Jani is shiesty as hell.

Yooo, you just pulled a Pooja Jani
by shangsta August 23, 2010
When someone is 'shistey' it refers to a shit head being extra shit headish; sometimes the intensity one can become can escalate to an emotional/personal level and the person can become ButtHurt.
(Often used in the succession "shistey cunt" or "shistey bitch")

Hey, how was work with that shit head Connor?
Slow, but he was being extra dickish. Shiesty cunt.
by TheWhiteMenace October 24, 2014
To be a shiest

Adj: To be bogus toward someone or something.
Damn, that bro did me shiesty by stealin my shoes
by The Ay dog November 21, 2010
when someone buttons up their jacket and realizes how shiesty they look !
sandy.. how shiesty .
by brinicmarg October 18, 2010
a combination of the words shitty and fiesty. Often used to describe something that is not very enjoyable but interesting.
Cara: Man, this year of high school has been really difficult. But interesting to say the least.
Mike: Hmm... sounds shiesty.
by Mike Vollmer December 22, 2008
It can also be used as term to describe a crappy bag of weed or other drugs (shrooms,coke,etc.) that has been pinched or skimmed or sumtin of that sort
"yo this bag is mad shiesty all it is is seeds n stems yo"

"yo his are gettin shiesty"
by citayfalcon February 13, 2004
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