Shit/Idiot combined, The word was originated when I was watching Freddy Got Fingered (horrible movie)and somebody yelled "idiot", it sounded like "shidiot", but just so that everybody knows I made it up, me!
You're a shidiot.

People who think that they made up this words (and aren't me) are shidiots.
by Joseph Squirrels April 03, 2003
Top Definition
A mixture of shithead and idiot. Often known for as being an insult, definately not a compliment, and NOT defined by the following person above/below/whatever, it was a common swear word my grandfather would say when driving on the road and running across a 'shidiot' who obviously didn't know what they were doing.
That stupid shidiot doesn't know how to drive! The light isn't going to get any greener, damnit!

I can't stand that asshole, he's a stupid shidiot.
by DeSiReDPaRaSiTe December 03, 2004
1 someone who is a shit head and an idiot
Mr viger is a Shidiot
by Diamon March 02, 2005
The combination of a shithead and an idiot.
This country is in the hands of shidiots
by Ohjin January 07, 2008
A person that is part shit head and part idiot
That person is a Shidiot
by mshadoe December 11, 2013
A total shit headed idoit that just sits there and mumbles to him self while refusing to get head from a hot chick.
He is such a shidiot look at him.

Wow look at that shidiot.
by Chick Master Flav August 20, 2011
When a bunch of dumbies in your class just won't shut up and you're trying to read Hamlet (with no success) and you try to insult them while asking them to be quiet politely but they are too retarded to listen.
Daryen:*screams at class* "SHIDIOTS!!!!"
Mykala and Chloe:"Whoa Daryen calm down..."
Daryen:*takes revenge by tickling Chloe 'till she dies (almost)*
Mykala:*stares and laughs*
Chloe:"Thanks for helping!!! *sarcasm*"
by funnyWords123 March 02, 2010
A person who is acting like a shit-head and an idiot simultaneously. Alternate spelling is "shitiot."
A drunk friend from high school got completely naked within 30 minutes of meeting new people at a party, what a shidiot!
by Julianne Laurian Long November 27, 2010
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