phrase used out of anger or surprise; a good friend
What the shickle!
Holy shickle!
You're my best shickle.
by Mary Kate/Sagine October 15, 2008
Top Definition
A shit that looks like a pickle, typically pinched after eating food with coloring in it.
Chris: I went to Moe's last night and ate some of their blue tortilla chips. This morning I had a green shit!

Josh: I know what you mean. I freaked when I had my first shickle!
by CMoebius December 24, 2008
Word coined by the drummer of Dunham Band on stage at the 2014 Dublin Irish Festival.

Meaning to strategically out-manoeuvre a rival intellectually or otherwise.
Some shickle for job promotions and wages, my wife and I shickle for cookies.
by the bowyer July 26, 2014
The armpit of your knee.
"Can I lickle your shickle?"
by HarryStygles March 15, 2015
A very hot chick, who everyone who sees her wants to make out with.
Wow! She is a shickle!
by KtPillius August 30, 2006
to shit. 1. to drop the kids off at the pool.2release of bodily waste
Man dude, i gotta shickle. Give me some toilet paper
by mizzo August 30, 2005
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