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The smell of shit, or anything foul, covered up by febreze.
1: Dude, ben's house smells like shibreeze
2: what?
1:his mom probably used febreze to cover up the smell of their dogs shit, now it smells like a mix
2:yeah and she probably used the generic brand too!
1: shibreze!
by CARY08 March 08, 2011
The fresh but, "not so fresh",musty scent that is created when you spray Febreze air freshener in the bathroom after you have taken a Shit.
" Gross!! I hate the smell of Shi-breze!!!"

The bathroom wreaked of Shi-breze after he used it.

It smelled like Shi-breze all the way into the living room.
by ~The 5NOB~ October 08, 2011

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