shibby means cool, hot, horny, cool, hot, horny, weed, dope, bong
Yo, look at her...
Holy shit! shibby!
by Bluntman April 18, 2003
Filled with satisfaction; content: a very satisfied customer.
Paid or discharged in full, as a debt or obligation.
"My girl friend was especially shibby when i went down on her last night"
"The priest was shibby after meeting with the altar boys"
by DUMBMEXICANO April 08, 2003
The f*** yeah factor which demonstrates total agreement amongst buddies both drunk and shober.
Yes that is just a Nova, but Yasmine Bleeth does appear to be driving it. Shibby!


I don't know what it is you are smoking, but SHIBBY!!!
by BlogJuana April 01, 2003
An exclamation used to show approval of a certain person, place, thing or event.
Just see "Dude, Where's my Car" and you'll understand

"I'm just sayin maybe we should cut back a little on the shibby!"
"Thanks, I needed that."
by Digital Pimp March 02, 2003
some one, a nickname
Yo Shibby was so drunk at Petes~!~
by marie January 13, 2003
The term means to get high but smoking pot.

"my brother and i are going to get shibby"
"sweeet, can i join?"
#smoking #pot #high #drugs #crack
by balletmaster February 17, 2009
extremely cool. rad. sexy. unbelievably amazing. out there. different. like something youve enevr seen before. that guy in your latin class you says "neihn"
jello is shibby.
chocolate body paint is shibby.
that was some shibby sex last night.
your pants are shibby.

other forms include:
#cool #rad #funderful #kinky #fun
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