a slang word for when something is really grand or tyte or cool it is shibby as us sk8rs sae
Dude wheres my car!! this isnt shibby
by unkown January 17, 2003
A word used to describe the extreme awesome in a calm and monotone way.
1st Guy:Dude! I finally 100% through the fire and the flames on guitar hero!
2nd Guy:Shibby.
by IceKirby20 September 18, 2009
When someone offers you food, this is the response to indicate, "fuck yeah I'd like some, but only if you're not planning on eating it."

Also can be used as a request, as in, "Shibby on those nachos!"
"Hey dude, you want some nachos?"
"Sweet because I can't eat any more."

"Shibby on those cupcakes?"
"Yeah man, help yourself"
by Spiderhouse March 18, 2009
a word that descibes the legitness of a situation
If you just got paid 100 bucks for nothing you would use the word "Shibby!"
by stephanie =] <3 February 12, 2009
Meaning that everything is great, the day has been eventful and fun but nothing at all went wrong. Normally said while doing a little dance.
Guy: How was your day
Guy2: It was SHIBBY!!!
by Notinanywayme January 21, 2009
a word meaning nearly the same as 'sweet, cool, hot, amazing, dank etc etc...' this was first used in dude wheres my car. used to describe anything. thats right, anything. can often be succeeded by "low five!" (meaning a high-five, but near your waist) and can also be preceded by "dood!" (see d00d.)
person: "yeah i totally hooked up with ashton kutcher last night!"
friend: "dude, SHIBBY!"
person: "low five!"

person: "ahh, those shoes are mad SHIBBY!"
friend: "yeah i know right?!"

by codename_lily May 26, 2008
it means everything ,

like when you have an akward silence aswell it stops it cause you say 'shibby' and its not akward any more

it always means awesome and pretty radical and stuff like that

but you can say it whenever you want really
danica maddie and peita are soo shibby ,
the weather is pretty shibby,
this is soo shibby.
by daanica April 20, 2008

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