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|shib-ē|, |ˈʃɪbi| - adj. - A catch-all word describing something great. Quite similar in usage to "smurfy" (see: "Smurf").
Etymology: first known usage is in the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?" (circa 2000)
Dude 1: "Dude, if we get our girlfriends happy, maybe we'll have SEX for the first time!"
Dude 2: "Sweet! That would be SO shibby!"
by Colonel Bat Guano September 01, 2012
A word to describe utter greatness. Can be used in multiple contexts, in some cases even replacing “fetch” for example “that t-shirt is sooo shibby!”. Used as an adjective, it conjugates as follows: I'm shibby, you're shibby, he/she/it is shibby, we're shibby, they're shibby. Its a word full of wisdomosity and perfection. Also conforming to ibbyshays for the sick lads and can be used to express your excitement for something. Past tense: Shibbed. Future tense: Shibb. People who are utterly amazing can also be called shibsters.
On a scale from 1 – shibby how good was that party?

This weekend shibbed.
I’m way too shibby for you.
What time is it? It’s shib-o’clock
Alyssa and lauren are such shibsters.
by tooshibbyy February 06, 2011
Shibby is a phrase or word used in many ways, it has many meanings for example it means, awesome, cool, thats chill, sweet, fuck yeah!
I went swimming with dolphins today. Shibby!!!
by McTwixx December 19, 2010
adj; Shibby is an all purpose word for anything and everything awesome.
"dude that game last night was totally shibby!"
by dme30 October 22, 2009
Cool or awesome
That movie was so shibby.
by funny4_ever June 02, 2009

An adjective, or on occasion an adverb; usually replacing cool, or awesome.
Also has the same propertys of cool and awesome. (see ex.1)

Shibby can also be used as an agreement (similarly to cool and awesome, see ex.2)

Example 1-
"That movie was so shibby"
"That movie was so cool"

Example 2-
"Dude check out her hoohoos!
by Rock*Star June 22, 2006
Cool, awesome, anything of that sort of thing.
Dude, that's a shibby bike!
by Sam Schenerman January 04, 2006