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a word to discribe any great moment. its like saying Awesome,Great,Nice!,Sweat.it can be used in place of any positive word.
P1:dude i won tickets!
by jude-e December 04, 2001
19 8
Anything Cool
We won a years supply of pudding...Shibby!

---Dude Wheres My Car---
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
56 47
A certain someone in The Pokémon Center FB Group accidentally referred to "shinies" as "shibbies" through a post via mobile, thus the word "shibby" (singular) was formed. This certain someone went maximum derp, like a Stunfisk flying in the air, or like Hot Skitty On Wailord Action.

Feel free to now refer to shiny/shinies as shibby/shibbies.
Ralph: Whoa, dude, that Pokémon just sparkled!

Pablo: Yeah bud, it's a shibby!

Ralph: Don't you mean shiny?

Pablo: No, a shibby.

Ralph: Wow, you just went maximum derp...

Pablo: Tell that to the person who accidentally misspelled "shinies". ;)
by MrJurgens November 21, 2013
7 3
shibby is a word used to describe all of the wondrfulness of this pathetic little world. you may use it in a sentence when describing utter happiness or delight. some may use it instead of saying 'awesome' or 'cool'. Its a word full of wisdomosity and perfection.
person 1: dude, you just tuched that girls hoho!
person 2: shibby!
by chicprunes January 06, 2010
8 4
Commonly used in the movie "Dude wheres my car". Shibby replaces words as cool, awsome, sweet,and totally.
Person 1: Dude are we going to the movies.
Person 2: Ya dude, Shibby!
by Tre- May 10, 2006
25 22

by unknown October 20, 2003
36 33
Anything positive and can be used in any form...
2.Very shibby
3.Thats some shibbyin shit you got there man...
by The Little Buster June 11, 2004
15 13