or 'Shibui' or "Shibbeeeeeeeee!". (Japanese)
Cool, but in a kind of frumpy, retro sort of way. Also bitter or astringent (commonly used to describe the flavor of green tea, but not coffee, which is decidedly "nigai").
"Terebi, nani mitemasuka?"
"Saikin, 'Mito Komon' hamatteru."
"Shibbeeeeeeeee! Demo, chotto dasa."
by Shubwug August 03, 2004
Meh Meh Meh Meh Toast Meh Meh Meh Meh
See "Twang" for a totally unrelated but surprisingly related topic.
by Green Corn April 24, 2005
adj. Awesome, fantastic. 1. Describes situation of awesomeness.
"You just touched Christy Boner's Hoo-Hoo"
by Rob Yeo March 15, 2005
THe stupidest word ever...ever invented.
opularized by the movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" this word still permeates our nation's youth in a sick...uhm...permeating manner.
No offence to the movie tho, i love that movie.
Harold and Kumar is Better tho
"dude wheres my car-obsessed guy": whoa dude, like, lets totally go hit up that totally shibby putt putt
"other guy": uhm sure why not but first. *hands 1st guy harol dnad kumar* watch this its better than DWMC
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
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