marajuana,pot,way of greeting,
what to say when you are scared, embarassed or any other feeling
shibster-person of shibby
lets go smoke shibby
you tapped her, SHIBBY MAN!
lets go Shibby
cya, shibby
by Chester May 11, 2003
everything and anything
Hey what shibby thing are you doing tonight?
please leave a shibby after the beep shibbeep.
what the shibby are you talking about?
by marbaby June 08, 2005
a small asian christmas present; literal translation is "little shin-kicker". sometimes used to describe an instigator or very influential person.
shibby just kicked me in the shins!;
hey shibby, what's your real name?;
yo, that girl whose name sounds like chicago totally just shibbied me into driving halfway across the country with her.
by January 13, 2005
shibby means whatever the shibby u want it 2!
where the shibby r they?

get ur own shibby!

what in the shibby oz ur problem?

Jesse and Chester are shibby at the moment, shibby at the beep....SHIBBITYBEEP
by ashley August 27, 2004
Marijuana, Weed, Chronic
"i went to toms and scored some shibby"
"my man steve peddles alot of shibby"
by andrew nuhfer June 09, 2004
Basically anything you want it to mean, so if you like hit your toe on something and you want to curse, you say SHIBBY!
O shibby! I hit my shibby toe!
by Anna March 28, 2004
shibby means anything you shibbin' well want it to mean.
yo shibby, check out the shibbyness of that shibby!!


no way totally shibbed out.
by the shibster August 22, 2003
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