i looked da word up and it also means pot, weed, ganja and other such drugs
that was some good shibby
by scotty February 19, 2004
cool, great, to party, to have sex

shibbied-to have partyied, screwed etc.

a replacement word for all positive and shibbyfied things
i got so shibbied last night!

that Jessica is a good shibby!
by Hairy McDude January 08, 2004
Also known as shiznitty, shibby is an all-purpous extra-strength word used for when something...anything happens.
Woah, you got an '86 Honda 4-banger? Un-shibby!
You have a Mac? Unshibby!

Dude, those speakers are shibby, just check out the bass!
Your girlfreind is so shibby, I wish I had one. But I'm a nerd.
by ArcticFox January 03, 2004
Shibby is a reward for awesomeness or for digusting awesomeness.
Cannot describe. Must be experienced. When the awesomeness takes place, it is known it is time to reward with shibby.
by Teh Commy October 06, 2003
commonly used as a replacement for words such as "whats up" or "peace out".
also a quick and easy way to dodge out of an awkward conversation.
"yo SHIBBY dude"
"hey man i gotta run.....SHIBBY"
"o SHIBBY look at the time uuuh c - ya"
by the shibster May 07, 2003
1. a baller ass mutha who likes the lion king and puppies
2. one who loves sponge bob and reeses'
3. pro softball playin allstar
Shibby! just can't wait to be king!
by stephamandasash February 16, 2008
An expression used to describe a helpful and/or pleasant occurence.
I finally fucked her!! I'm no longer a pussy!!
Some guy walking by: Shibby!
by Nytehauq August 21, 2003

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