Edens word for pretty much anything......lots of other people now use this.

One famous example "Lets shibby up a tree" is widely used through our school
e.g. Lets Shibby up a nearby tree.......
Hey Edog wanna go shibby some cones?
Watch me shibby
by qwertyuiop[]\ May 09, 2006
leslie, steve, rick and dave...see also cool, awesome, rad, ill, rockin, pimp ass, amazing, groovy and all other words meaning cool
that was soooo shibby when steve told soi.john to fuck off
by (fill in em olyric here) December 06, 2005
Shibby is just another word for Marijuana.
That shibby of yours has made me very hungry.
by Shankis June 01, 2005
a fill in the blank word, used for just about anything.
dude, that was so shibby! you did this shibby shibby, then you shibbied the shibby out of that stupid shibby over there! shibby!
by bhrome April 08, 2004
a very rich fag that posses around with his money, pretends to get chicks, although he loves the cock and the women the money
yves is a shibbby

u shibby boy
by heuil March 03, 2004
i looked da word up and it also means pot, weed, ganja and other such drugs
that was some good shibby
by scotty February 19, 2004
cool, great, to party, to have sex

shibbied-to have partyied, screwed etc.

a replacement word for all positive and shibbyfied things
i got so shibbied last night!

that Jessica is a good shibby!
by Hairy McDude January 08, 2004
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