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"Shibby" is when u do a shuffel with the lower torso whilst climbing something.
Jacob, pat and eden shibbied up the tree


eden said did u just shibby up that tree jacob
by jacobshibby May 05, 2006
6 9
Shibby is (or was back in the early '90's) a greeting: "What's Happening?", or "What's up?", though it can be also used to say "Seeya!"

Most have it wrong (though I guess the NEW meaning is now more popular, effectively replacing the old one).

All these 'dude where's my car' references are 1) funny and 2) incorrect.
me: Shibby?
you: Not much, man...
me: right on.
you: shibby!
by Craig Sheppard October 05, 2005
11 14
A term to describe glee. Very often stolen by other people.

Awesome, Cool.
"Remember that time in eight grade when Mr. Brockman broke his leg by kicking students in the asshole? That was so shibby."

"Shibby, man, shibby."

"Stop stealing my word, Amanda. I am Chuck T. supreme ruler of all words, and you steal every one of them!"
by Elijah Thornberry August 04, 2005
2 5
this word came from the movie dude wheres my car? this word means awesome,cool, or SWEET.
scene from dude wheres my car?: Dude you touched chrstie boners hoo hoo! SHIBBY!!!!!!
by c.craig June 29, 2005
4 7
Teen-age female 'slang' term for 'Hot Guy'. Often assosiated with midnight sugar consumation, and lack of forsight.
See: Insania-Insomnia
"Did you see that guy in front of me? Very Shibby!"
by Asabeth_Blue August 19, 2004
2 5
short for shibbiekenotia, which is a latin expression of gratitude (much like the english "DUDE!!!")
What, coffee flavored donuts?!?!?!?!?!?
by Jameson Rogers April 25, 2004
2 5
the lowdown; what's going on; the current events in one's life
Q: What up homie?
A: The shibby.
by Kara April 10, 2004
2 5