Despite the fact that this word is used in Dude Where's My Car, it was CA slang looooooong before this movie ever became a reality, and it was used incorrectly in that context. It's simply a substitute for the overly-used "cool" or "awesome". It really didn't mean wasted until the writers of that cinematic waste of time decided to fuck it up. (Just a note)
This car is shibby! (Spoken of a hot little red convertible)
by LaDLaz June 27, 2005
weed; get high; basically anythin to do with weed
Ah I really need some shibby soo i can get high.

Dude! Let's get shibby tonight!
by supertramp1210 January 03, 2010
Can be used for someone to move, leave or get out of the way.
If someone is to be annoying for example.
Person 1: you're in my seat
Person 2: Oh am I!
Person 1: Yeah, you are, now shibby!
by Flacob March 15, 2008
its all good
its cool
dont worry about it
it'll be right
person #1 "ey dude you should help me mow the lawn today".
person #2 "shibby"
by Marly Steckelbruck October 20, 2007
The art of Shibbying, until one can shibby no more.
Or until Shibbying is no longer prohibited, within a given time, that anyone can be permitted to Shibby.
Dude, thats just shibby!

Look, im Shibbying.
by Rikk0rz September 14, 2006
Shibby is a word that can be used in many different surcomstances. But the "proper" meaning of the word is Cool or Awesome.

But most people use the word Shibby in other meanings, like "wasted" or "horny".. So you could say that Shibby's "Modern" definition is: A positive word used when you want to say something good about.. something.
Uncle Tom: "You look shibby"
Little Sally: "Thank you.. you're shibby"

by Fredrik Frans Emanuel Sjöstrand February 14, 2006
a sexy lady that kyle wants to ravage the hell out of
me and her on the couch
by shibby lover March 09, 2005
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