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Despite the fact that this word is used in Dude Where's My Car, it was CA slang looooooong before this movie ever became a reality, and it was used incorrectly in that context. It's simply a substitute for the overly-used "cool" or "awesome". It really didn't mean wasted until the writers of that cinematic waste of time decided to fuck it up. (Just a note)
This car is shibby! (Spoken of a hot little red convertible)
by LaDLaz June 27, 2005
it is also uses to define the use of marijuana,
"hey dude we should stop a bit on the shibby"=hey dude we should smoke less
by strezyk January 06, 2006
Something,Someone,anything that is just effing awesome or sweet
That movie was shibby!
by Shibby King December 15, 2005
Means whatever the hell you want it to. The word became popular through the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?"
Dude, the shibby is shibby.
by Enterthedavid June 18, 2005
(a)To be in agreement with.
(b)To get wasted (to shibby).
(c)An exclamation that one...exclaims when one finds something rediculously cool (works best when used in an dramatic, opera singer-like voice).

don't use it for things that don't make sense, though, and don't use it if you've never seen Dude, Where's My Car.
(a) Jesse- Dude, let's go get our 'special gifts' from the twins!
Chester- Shibby!

(b) Jesse- Dude, maybe we need to cut back on the shibbying.
Chester- ::slap::

(c) Chester- Dude, you just touched Christy Boner's hoo-hoos!
Jesse- Shibbyyyy! (Opera voice)
by MAMANESE April 07, 2005
a word of agreement to a very good idea
"shall we go out this evening"
by the unknown/raoul duke March 24, 2005
The word shibby can be used as a form of agreement to any statement. You may also shorten this word to shib.
"I'm so tired of banging my wife."


"I wish Jim would stop hogging tha grass and share."
by Becky October 24, 2004
To get high
Now people usually use it as saying cool or tight
Lets shibby
That shits shibby
by emily May 31, 2004