Despite the fact that this word is used in Dude Where's My Car, it was CA slang looooooong before this movie ever became a reality, and it was used incorrectly in that context. It's simply a substitute for the overly-used "cool" or "awesome". It really didn't mean wasted until the writers of that cinematic waste of time decided to fuck it up. (Just a note)
This car is shibby! (Spoken of a hot little red convertible)
by LaDLaz June 27, 2005
its a word, i dedicate to the sweetest, sexiest, most awesome person i know, Alaysha.
Woo, shibbies girl, I love you soooo much.
by Andrew August 27, 2004
surfer lingo such as: wicked awesome, narly, rad, radical, cowabunga, or n-e thing the teenage muntan ninga turtles would say!!! the meaning is wut ever u really want it 2 be!!!
i like 2 grab a surf board hang 10 and shibby all night long!!!
by yo motherz ass November 25, 2003
everything's fine, other word for O.K. can mean anything
Thats shibby
by Jadeus November 17, 2003
a term used when showing appriciation to a good idea, event, object or person
often used as a descriptive word
dude im hungry guess what we should do.
by steveus October 13, 2003
a synonym for any pleasureable thing. Used at a verb, it conjugates as follows. I shibby, you shibby, he/she/it shibbys, we shibby, they shibby. Past tense, shibbed. Future tense, shibb, example, I will shibb, You will shib, he/she/it will shib.
Stiffler's mom got shibbed.
by Eric Coleman August 11, 2003
This is some shibby sh*t!
by Jewish Jizzle June 19, 2003
a slang word for when something is really grand or tyte or cool it is shibby as us sk8rs sae
Dude wheres my car!! this isnt shibby
by unkown January 17, 2003

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