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Despite the fact that this word is used in Dude Where's My Car, it was CA slang looooooong before this movie ever became a reality, and it was used incorrectly in that context. It's simply a substitute for the overly-used "cool" or "awesome". It really didn't mean wasted until the writers of that cinematic waste of time decided to fuck it up. (Just a note)
This car is shibby! (Spoken of a hot little red convertible)
by LaDLaz June 27, 2005
218 203
marajuana,pot,way of greeting,
what to say when you are scared, embarassed or any other feeling
shibster-person of shibby
lets go smoke shibby
you tapped her, SHIBBY MAN!
lets go Shibby
cya, shibby
by Chester May 11, 2003
3 9
everything and anything
Hey what shibby thing are you doing tonight?
please leave a shibby after the beep shibbeep.
what the shibby are you talking about?
by marbaby June 08, 2005
1 8
a small asian christmas present; literal translation is "little shin-kicker". sometimes used to describe an instigator or very influential person.
shibby just kicked me in the shins!;
hey shibby, what's your real name?;
yo, that girl whose name sounds like chicago totally just shibbied me into driving halfway across the country with her.
by January 13, 2005
1 8
shibby means whatever the shibby u want it 2!
where the shibby r they?

get ur own shibby!

what in the shibby oz ur problem?

Jesse and Chester are shibby at the moment, shibby at the beep....SHIBBITYBEEP
by ashley August 27, 2004
2 9
Marijuana, Weed, Chronic
"i went to toms and scored some shibby"
"my man steve peddles alot of shibby"
by andrew nuhfer June 09, 2004
1 8
Basically anything you want it to mean, so if you like hit your toe on something and you want to curse, you say SHIBBY!
O shibby! I hit my shibby toe!
by Anna March 28, 2004
3 10
shibby means anything you shibbin' well want it to mean.
yo shibby, check out the shibbyness of that shibby!!


no way totally shibbed out.
by the shibster August 22, 2003
3 12