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Its shitty. Its a debacle. Two great tastes that go great together.
Deion Sanders refers to the Eagles trade of McNabb as a 'Shibacle'.


The Trivia host then decided to break the tie with a goddamn dance off. Seriously, what a shibacle.
by elk horn April 09, 2010
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Coined in April 2010 by "Prime Time" Deion Sanders, shibacle refers to a scenario where a social or business exchange takes place that is totally lopsided and unfairly skewed toward one of the parties involved (possibly unbeknownst to the fool that is getting taken for a ride). It is a combination of shit, shitty, or shittily and debacle. Shibacle.
This whole thing is a mess-- that loser totally got shibacled by that dude. Epic fall.
by ElitheBarrowBoy April 09, 2010
A screw-up so large and so shitty as to go beyond creating merely a debacle.
The wedding reception became a complete and total shibacle when the best man farted during the toast, creating a fireball atop a nearby candle and lighting the bride's hair on fire.
by Neion Deion April 09, 2010
combination of shit and debacle
"The Donovan McNabb trade was dumb as hell. It was a total shibacle."
by MauryBallsteen April 09, 2010
A debacle of monstrous proportions.
First coined by Deion Sanders referring to the Donavon McNabb Trade of 2010:

"The Donavan McNabb trade was as dumb as the Herschel Walker Shibacle."
by johnny on the spot 999 April 09, 2010

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