(adj) sluggishness or other ill-feelings caused by a neglect of food and drink
I was feeling so shiavo while waiting for my novacaine to wear off
by jonglix May 03, 2005
Top Definition
to get so retarded that all you can do is stare at everything with that look on your face... you know, mouth half open, kinda smilin, eyes half open, kinda sleepin, head half back, kinda leanin...
"yo man, Chris got completely Shiavo'd last night"

"I f*ed that bitch so hard... she got shiavo'd"
by jo0lz July 24, 2005
Verb, To shiavo or get shiavoed is to get so drunk you're incoherrent and - more or less - a vegetable. Comes from the media/government hype after Teri Shiavo's life was fought between congress and her family.
Tonight I'm getting shiavoed and probably passing out in a gutter somewhere.
by JK825 June 14, 2007
Adj: someone completely unresponsive; person in a deep state of sleep, or dead person

V: Action lacking motivation or effectiveness
She's been shiavoed out for the past 17 hours, she got crunk last night

She really shiavoed her part, now we have to do all the fucking work.
by Crunkonius May 19, 2005
an eating disorder characterized by episodic uncontrolled binge eating and vomiting
She's so pulling a shiavo in the bathroom.
by saranut May 03, 2005
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