when you have explosive diarrhea poop that is too shy to come out. come on, it's diarrhea, it's meant to come out fast and furious! usually happens after a night of drinking and then spending the night in an unfamiliar place.
i got to the bathroom and i knew i had to go, but apparently it was shiarrhea. finally, once i got comfortable with my surroundings, it came out.
by dointhisbymyself December 11, 2007
Top Definition
When stupid people won't stop talking about Shia LaBeouf they are said to have shiarrhea.
Airhead 1: OMG! Shia is sooo hawwwwt in Transformers!

Airhead 2: I knoooowww rigghhhtttt?

Me: Mmm yeah we need to get you some pepto airhead #1. You've totally got shiarrhea.

*Airhead 2 points and laughs*

*Airhead 1 turns red*
by lilwangster May 21, 2011
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