when you have explosive diarrhea poop that is too shy to come out. come on, it's diarrhea, it's meant to come out fast and furious! usually happens after a night of drinking and then spending the night in an unfamiliar place.
i got to the bathroom and i knew i had to go, but apparently it was shiarrhea. finally, once i got comfortable with my surroundings, it came out.
by dointhisbymyself December 11, 2007
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When stupid people won't stop talking about Shia LaBeouf they are said to have shiarrhea.
Airhead 1: OMG! Shia is sooo hawwwwt in Transformers!

Airhead 2: I knoooowww rigghhhtttt?

Me: Mmm yeah we need to get you some pepto airhead #1. You've totally got shiarrhea.

*Airhead 2 points and laughs*

*Airhead 1 turns red*
by lilwangster May 21, 2011

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