A different type of girl. Pretty, smart, confident, independent, and has a good insight on a lot of things. You don't really come across girls like her. Most Shi-Shi's are fit and petite. A great listener, and gives some of the best advice. She is a very friendly girl but once she is done wrong to, it can get pretty ugly. Most of her friends will be guys for girls she see as petty and defined of drama. A lot of guys would want to date her. She's open minded and very understanding. You will see she has a lot of different types of people as friends. Shi-Shi; sacred; a wonderful girl to have in your life.
Dude: Man I am the luckiest guy in the world
Friend: Why?
Dude: Dude I just met Shi-Shi.
Friend: WTF! Dude, how? Did you ask her out?
Dude: No, I got nervous! She's not like other girls you know
Friend: Oh I know! Good thing you didn't
Dude: Huh? Why?
Friend: Becuase that means I still have a chance to

Girlfriend: What's wrong?
Boyfriend: Umm, could you try to be more like Shi-Shi?
by Bbassss May 08, 2011
The official relationship name for when the Pokemon characters SatoSHI and SHIgeru are paired together. (also known as Ash and Gary, or Gaash)
"I just read some fluffy shishi fanfiction."
by jaarXofXcandyz April 16, 2010
Word meaning Asian bitch/prostitute who although is smart has the common sense of an autistic donkey. Shi Shi's are also made to be beaten senseless and should be whipped because he owes everyone money.
Look there's a Shi Shi!

Lets jump him
by Chancefatassboutin July 22, 2013
Shut it! Shut ya mouth!
CEO: The server is down, when is it going to be up again?
MIS: Shi-shi, oh well 2 tears in the bucket. Shay-Shay
by Filthy December 31, 2002
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