A much more efficient way of saying the word "shit". Mainly used to represent anger, ignorance, blindness, and nothingness.
chris: "that's an accord."
bryan: "no, it's a civic."
chris: "well, this one's an accord."
bryan: "that's the same one!"
chris: "SHETTTTTTT!"
by riced00d March 12, 2003
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Polish immigrant pronunciation of "shit"
Leon shet in the outhouse
by andy1 October 29, 2004
Word to describe someone who's being ignorant or stupid-
especially girls who act dumb around guys.

Just a general insult.
Example 1-
girl: is new zealand the capital of australia?
guy: Shet.

Example 2-
Guy: dont act like you know what we're talking bout. shet.

by dcaptain February 04, 2009
General word. Can provide a helpful substitute for many nouns
That chicken din dins was tasty shet!
by Cogblant McGuire October 10, 2004
When the Sharks and Jets from West Side Story become one!
Do the new Shets knife dodge which is the same as Riff's and Benardo's
by DeathSaber April 30, 2004
Used after making a bad joke to prevent awkward silence.
John: why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side!
Friends: ...
John: SHET!!
Friends: hahahaha
by Ori M. December 04, 2005
Funny term for the word shit, which med me piss myself laffin in maths class.
James: so telf....
Graham: James...James
James : Don't interrupt me you fat shet, im talking to telf
Marc: ha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha.haha.
by kenyan September 14, 2007

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