A Stand alone word meaning, "Bringer of Destruction", but could also be used as a name. "Shero" meaning Destruction, starting from it's roots as a kid who was young, wanted to bring the world together. But then after a tragedy occurred, his feelings turned dark and brought destruction every where he went. The people with the name Shero ( Ultra Super Rare Name By the Way ) are usually doomed and will have a horrible future awaiting them.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Why are you doing this?
Guy 2: Because i will bring 'Shero' to this world, and destroy the world with it! i shall bring Destruction to it's place!

Example 2:
Guy 1: Stop it Shero! This isn't you!
Shero: my name means Destruction, and people who's name are Shero are bound to create havoc in this world, im just following my destiny.
by Melody Artz December 21, 2013
A female lead character who kicks ass.

A shero is different from a heroine in that a heroine is merely the main female character, to be a shero one must do a certain amount of kicking ass and taking down names. Lucy from a Tale of Two Cities and Barbara from Night of the Living Dead were both heroines. Sheros they most certainly were not.
Lara Croft is the shero of Tomb Raider.
Dude, Aeon Flux is the freakin' awesomest shero of all time!
Jessica Alba epitomized a shero as Max in Dark Angel.
by Dan000 December 16, 2006
A woman or man who supports women's rights and respects women's issues
Christina Aguilera is my shero.
by gbeann January 07, 2005
a female hero; a heroine
That girl just saved my life! She's my shero!
by jjrajani69 November 05, 2005
A female hero
by Steve E March 25, 2003
heroine is derived from the word hero and is hence, un-PC. This requires a new word, shero, a feminist backlash to the traditional heroine, that encompasses a strong woman who was accomplished great things at epic proportions.
Joan of Arc, who burned to death at the stake, was a shero before her time.
by Elisabeth February 15, 2004

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