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when a guy prematurely comes and pulls out to let his juices flow out, like a lollipop being dipped in sherbet. possibly more likely to happen if the guy hasn't had sex in a long time. :)
example of sherbet dipping being used in a conversation:
girl 1. 'so how's your bitch in bed?'
girl 2. 'i shouldn't really be telling you this as he might get embarrassed, but we only had sex once, and that time he sherbet dipped me. It wasn't great.'
girl 1. 'oh noes! i feel sorry for you. i promise i won't tease him, or tell his best friend. his best friend on the other hand... woah, a quickie for him is like an hour long.'
girl 2. 'no way! god you're lucky.'
girl 1. 'yeh, let's go annoy him in staples.'
by woodencox. September 06, 2009

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