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When you and your friends commit such epically fantastic shenanigans that you get off on it.
Dude, last night when we all shat in that bitch's toilet tank, I totally had a shenanigasm!
by manbearpig42 September 12, 2010
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When you laugh so hard that a liquid you were drinking comes out of your nose
"Matt just had a shenanigasm, and the chocolate milk he was drinking went all over everything"

by myewoerzsd March 04, 2009
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Jimmy and jill were having sex and jimmy could tell jill didn't cum so he called her in the shenanigasm!

Bill: so I was hitting Beth last night and she totally faked it so I called her on her shenanigasm!"
by shyde's crew October 13, 2009
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A problem that is intentionally created or is intensely enjoyed by the person creating it.
Courtney is so dramatic, she is always causing some kind of shenanigasm.
by Sweetshrub March 18, 2015
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