...Well not the quickest way (snorting is), but it is the most effective and efficient...80% absorbtion rate...if your into that shit.
"My ass was burning for 20 minutes after i shelved that bikkie."
by Diego September 30, 2003
Top Definition
To insert into one's rectum, normally in respect to illicit substances.
Hey mang, I just shelved that pill and my ring is itchy.
by bob the builder March 08, 2003
Inserting an object, either a drug or otherwise into ones rectum for a desired effect.

Shelving is generally done with pills for its high absorption rate, but causes serve anal irritation and can lead to further problems such as shitting bricks if a hallucinogen is taken.
Oi Kev, go shelve a cat would ya.

Mate, I just shelved some acid, I feel like a elephant cock is stuck up there.
by RooZy March 19, 2009
The quickest way to get an ecstacy pill to reach your bloodstream.
"Why don't you shelve yo' bikkie?"
"Ahhh hellzz no!"
by Diego September 04, 2003
1.To put a person that is unworthy of respect out of your mind completely.
2. To accidently(or intensionally) forget about an engagement that you should've have attended.
"Pete... why don't you just shelve that bitch. She's not worth it."

"Damn! I was supposed to go to that interpol show last night but I had to shelve it because trish was going also."
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
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