A extremely awesome ginger who is extremely cool some would say attractive also he tends to sagg his pant even when told to pull them up, oh and also a shelton is witty
did you just shelton? no way you sheltoned you totaly were totaly being cool!
by the super awesome midget November 09, 2010
Top Definition
he is soooo shelton
by the opprotunity November 04, 2010
Shelton is, nowadays, generally a Middle Name. It doesn't really say anything about one's personality, because it was given to them promptly after he or she was born.
Shelton used to be a common First name in the early 20th century. Your parents might have given you your middle name as Shelton, because their grandfather's first name was Shelton.
by sTelLer_boii August 15, 2008
A place where b/tards losers and idiots live. A place where people who're Otaku or are interested in other cultures feel SO bad they want to commit suicide.

The people are rude and think America is the center of the world.

That's definetly wrong. A town where people who're american fanfucks who need to learn that there are other counties that're better than America.
Guy: Hey I just went to shelton Washington

Guy2: You did? What the hell were you doing there? Don't ever go there ever again unless you want to encounter some b/tards and other loser that, will make your life suck.

Guy: Thanks

Guy2: Your welcome! Just remember shelton sucks.
by Daisuke_Kigurou May 03, 2009
A shitty little shit-hole town in Western Washington. People here drive like dipshits. It is not uncommon to see 4x4's upside down in the ditch during winter after getting 1 inch of snow.

Other area facts: Mason County, in which resides Shelton, is the meth capital of Washington. The phrase "You aint from around here are ya, you got all your teeth" isn't a fucking joke. That shit is real here.

The schools in Shelton suck ass. People in Shelton generally are a bunch of 4x4'ing Quad riding drunkards and meth-addicts.

Most kids big aspiration is to turn 18 so they can get on welfare. Seriously.

This place is a total shit-hole. Never move here.
You're so fucking cracked out you probably live in Shelton
by Zamurath March 22, 2011
A town in which people are constantly get high off of brand new drugs and 8th graders go to school with hangovers. Don't get me wrong, the people are great, but then theres the 'ghetto' people from downtown who critize people from White Hills and Huntington for being more wealthy then them. Jeeze im sorry your dad walked out on your mom and now your mom sleeps with a different guy every night but don't tkae it out on me (true story). Anyways, then there Shelton High which is probably the gayest school ever. There are four types of groups Druggies/Potheads, Goths/Punks, Preppies, nerds/dorks/other people who have no friends. Basically, you don't want to live in Shelton. It is half rich and half poor..so move to Darien or something
Girl: What are you doing tonight?
Boy: Oh I don't know, i heard theres suppose to be an awesome party though, i think I'll get high.
Girl: Oh my god! Great Idea!
by Yahlikeidsay June 23, 2005
The hood of Stoke On Trent full of student cunts now!!!
But also full of the asians of s-o-t e.g the gangsters of stoke

The place to come if u want to pick up weed in stoke

If your an outsider don't run ur mouth here or u will get jumped!!!

Located near Hanley and Festival park and etruria (who reckon they all black and gangsters)
Stoke Chav:oi paki scum u wanna get stabbed
Sheltoner:im from shelton mate!
Stoke Chav:(bricking himself) im sorry plz dont stab me, here u go ave my clothes and my wallet and my phone
Sheltoner: Sound, next time u'll be ded
by BADMANs-o-t February 14, 2008

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