Synonymous with 'shitty.'
"You broke your piece this weekend? Sheisty, dude."
by Atronox Cult January 25, 2014
adjective: sneaky, shady, selfish
I took my girlfriend to the movies, paid for it, and she didn't even thank me...that is one sheisty bitch!!!

When I was eating out my girlfriend's pussy, she was moaning and screaming..."I want you so bad!" Only to find out that once I was done, apparently she was too...that sheisty-ass whore!
by a sheisty person March 27, 2005
shitty, stingy, someone who doesn't share. a person that does things that makes someone else feel belittled.
"Say man i asked that nigga to cover for me if my girl called while i was fuckin' this other ho and that nigga straight snitched and told my girl waht i was doin'"
"Damn my nigga that shit was sheisty than a bitch."
by AVAIAE FULLER February 20, 2004
Stingy, often used to describe "confused" pennypinching individuals who refuse to give ice water to needy, hungover customers in an attempt to make a profit by forcing the innocent customer into purchasing overpriced bottled water. The miserly individual will often proceed to spit/pour dirt into the ice water that the distraught cutomer plagued by a splitting headache demanded. THE POSH BAGEL EMLPOYEES!
Those who work at the Posh Bagel suck hella d fo free on account of their sheisty values.
by Freeeeeden May 21, 2006
1.Somebody who is Thieving,Conniving,and Treacherous. All around up to no good.

2.Somebody that wants to benefit from being your friend, but does not expect to benefit you in return.

3.More than likely a Jew

4.Somebody who does not like to share or partake in doing favors for others.
1. That guys looks a mad sheisty.

2. Forget him, He was sheisty as hell anyway.

3. Go to the synagogue if you want to make some sheisty friends.

4.Damn Makeba, Whoever had the Hypnotiq was mad sheisty towards me.
by Kev Hodge November 28, 2007
(1)To cheat someone out of something
(2)To be a cheapskate
(3)To describe someone who has a dirty ass hole
(4)Something that describes someone ghetto
(1)"Man that guy just sheistered me out of a good seat"
(2)"That guy is fucking sheisty"
(3)"Watch out for that sheisty fellow"
(4)"That nigga was fuckin' sheisty on his drug deal"
by Oaktown Playa March 23, 2005
Somthing that is awesome. And totaly rad, like if I were too put my head up Pam Andersons asshole, then pull out Bill Gates eating a 20 McNugget meal, that would be pretty friggin' sheisty.
Dude, that Kelsey kid is friggin' sheisty.

Dude, that Anthony kid is a total fag, but that Kelsey kid, god damn, hes not gay. Hes sheisty.

I wish I was sheisty, like Kelsey.

Damn, that was a sheisty cup of tea.

by Kelsey12 October 25, 2005
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