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Sheist! I locked my keys AND my bong in the car!
by Tisha January 10, 2002

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backstabber con-man hot liar risky shady sheisty sketchy sneaky unsafe
a lying, cheating, dishonest, stealing, or simply shady mother fucker who steals $40 from his neighbors purse and makes you pay for pizza that night!!! what the fuck
I know that sheisty bastard cris stole my shit but hes not admitting to it...even though i saw him do it.
by "Jeremy" April 17, 2003
Suspicious; shady
Yo, he's lookin' sheisty. Keep an eye on him.
by G-G-G-Geisto April 16, 2003
a shady individual that is quick to reach a means needed via trickery and dishonesty. A con-man.
There is a government regime that is infested by rich sheist/ sheisty individuals.
by manny gonzalez March 04, 2006
Sparing or scant in giving or spending; stingy.
Let me have a Skittle, you sheisty bitch.
by Daniel March 26, 2002
not being true to something
Pirates of the Carribean was a sheisty movie--it wasn't true to the ride.
by Jenyofer July 13, 2003
An individual who is constantly putting himself and/or those around him in risk of getting arrested for drug-related charges.
That fool was rolling around with two zips in his car while he was hittin a bob. What a sheist/ sheisty ass motherfucker.
by IgorMcKenzo October 05, 2006