To take a hit of hookah and then a hit of a bowl (or J or blunt etc)
1- Yoooo sheesh that shit
2- I did now Im super baked and it tasted good too
by revivethemahal November 16, 2010
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like saying, "geez" or something
Person 1: *steps on person 2's foot*

Person 2: Sheesh, man that hurt!
by me July 17, 2004
A very flexible interjection used in many situations, but especially when either:

1. Another person explodes of anger, right in your face.

2. When you're really, really bored of something, or just bored in general.

A variation of sheesh is geez
1. Sheesh, stop yelling in my face. Just calm down.

2. Sheesh, this is so boring.
by I'm not Batman February 21, 2012
a mild expletive, ultimately derived from "Jesus!", evolving to "geez" and "sheesh", in order to avoid being offensive.
"Sheesh, will you look at that thing!?"
by my girls' daddy March 02, 2005
An expression of astonishment about something, or someone reacting e.g. unexpectedly emotional.
The expression probably comes from the Turkish Çüş!, which is pronounced similarly and means about the same.
It probably does not have anything to do with "Jeezus", etymology wise.
Spoilt brat: Bwaaaaaa I wanted *rasp*berry icecream, not Blackberry! *Bursts into tears*
New nanny: Sheesh, it doesn't taste that much different, you must be a spoilt brat
by whatshouldisay June 26, 2014
The offspring of a male sheep and a female fish (see feep for male fish and female sheep)
Wow! That sheesh has got some hairy gills!!!
by Mo Pheus January 06, 2012
Something to say when a person flips out on you
you: its snowing
them: i dont fucking care!
you: sheesh!
by retrohunnie January 02, 2010
A discreate way of allerting others (particualry guys. But protains to lesbians) that a hot/beautifull girl has come within sigh. Is it an obligation of a guy who sees a sheesh to make a "sheesh" call aloud.

Results of a sheesh call:
1. Several guys makeing a mad dash in direction of the "sheesh" to get a look
2. Your boss becomeing upset when she finds out what it means.

*footnote: it is an obligation to cover your boys so they can all get there fair share of a look at the sheesh
David sepe was on front counter when a sheesh walked in. Sepe proceeded to yell back sheesh to the grill where john speaks was standing. John then proceeded to yell sheesh. This sheesh-back call resulted in kevin barbosa, nick valcobra, larry, and sevral other male employees to sprint to the front of the store where they all said aloud "sheesh!
by dsepe10693 August 05, 2011

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