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Banshee in shortform.Also a flying object in the Game Halo 2.
Get off the shee you fucktard!
by DreamStiller January 03, 2005
14 7
a subsitute word for shit
I've got to take a shee.
by sookboywonder February 26, 2004
55 37
Short for the vehicle Banshee in the game Halo.
That n00b in the shee is a cheap ass!
by Kannon April 11, 2005
51 38
The combination of taking a dump and a pee, at the EXACT moment, sometimes caused by neccessity, or by sheer time conservasion. May result in "crossing streams" or double the feeling of relief.
Man, I feel great after that shee I just took.

Damn dawg, I saved an entire minute simply by sheeing instead of takin turns!!!!
by vorp68 October 24, 2010
19 10
When you have such bad diarrhea it feels like you are peeing from your anal sphincter
Cindy ate so many spicy green chiles today; now she is in the bathroom taking a shee.
by Supergirl1000 October 23, 2011
4 1
Shortened version of the word "Banshee." Used by some Halo and Halo 2 players to refer to the Banshee vehicle.
I thought I told you guys not to use a 'shee this round!
by NuclearNinja May 25, 2007
0 0
Shee or Fairies and their Dwellings.—The pagan Irish worshipped the side shee
i.e. the earth-gods, or fairies, shee, or elves. These side are closely mixed up with the mythical race called Dedannans, to whom the great majority of the fairy gods belonged.
by ARMD December 28, 2010
2 3