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Sheep eyes (also 'Sheep's eyes'):

1) Soft, seductive special looks, usually from a seductive woman gently inviting a man, but with a caution to the man. Different to Doe eyes.

2) Dietary delicacy of some North African countries, especially Morocco, where lamb is a great favourite.
1) She was on the other side of the bar making sheep eyes at me, however there was both a gentle invitation and firm caution in her intense look (like, "treat me right or I'll butt you in the balls"). Similar to a ewe on heat eyeing up a handsome ram and anticipating tupping, but with more human attributes.

2) She asked me what was "moutons yeux" on the menu of the classy Casablanca restaurant. I said, 'don't worry, all the locals recommend it, and it has lots of vitamins, especially vitamin E'. I could have said "sheep eyes" but she may have been put off.
by southernartist December 08, 2013
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