When a Sheena walks into the room, time stops. No others compare to these women. Sheena's are the most provocative and alurring ladies within a 100,000 mile radius. A smile so heart stopping, you would think she were made of platinum and extacy. So you lost a girl? -- Who cares - if she wasn't a Sheena. If you have ever lost a Sheena... There's no greater lost ever felt in the history of mankind. This Sheena is only the closest thing mankind has to perfection. A genuine fantasy wrapped in satin and curls, a very fragile creature who never sticks around to be toyed with... Why? Because Sheena's are beautitul & amazing.
Alex - "I .. think .. my heart .. just stopped ... beating..."
Sheena - "Yes. -- Yes, I am breaking up with you."
Alex - "I might as well die... I lost a Sheena."
by Wiser Man February 05, 2010
Top Definition
Description is small in size but gigantic in fury. May seem cute and cuddly, but beware, will attack if provoked.
Wandering through eastlake I accidently stepped on a Sheena and my arm was mauled off.
by dego245b August 03, 2006
A hypnotizing woman that magnetically attracts people. Most people are intimidated by her. Don't look into her eyes though, you'll go through heaven and hell all in one second.
Sheena-"hey sean what color do my eyes look in the sun over here"
Sean-"holy shit. Most beautiful thing iv'e ever seen." crying
by Kinadawg[: February 07, 2009
A punk rocker, by defition. Sheena is a punk rocker. Oh yeah.
"Sheena is a punk rocker. Sheena is a punk rocker now. Shes a punk, punk, punk rocker." - Joey Ramone
by RJ Ramone January 26, 2007
A beautiful girl that should be told she is more often. Don't be scared of them. She can be quiet only because she's insecure. If you like a Sheena, TELL HER!!
Player: Damn, Sheena is so damn FINE!
Sweet Guy: No, she's beautiful and I want to tell her, but I'm scared.
by A girl named Sheena June 11, 2012
1. One who specializes in interpretive dancing and other various activities.

2. One who likes to hide things all for world domination.

3. A famous celebrity

4. A model
"That chick is an amazing dancer..... such a Sheena!"
"What an odd preformance.... must have been done by a Sheena"

"My axe is missing..... let's blame it on the Sheenas!"

"Paparazzi! Over there.... look theres a Sheena!"
"Sheena looks great on the red carpet!"

"Yoo, can i get your autograph, you look like a Sheena?"
"Are you a Sheena.... I think I saw you in a commercial or magazine?"
by footballplayerforlife May 23, 2009
A large breasted female
Adam: damn did you see that girl? I wanna grab her tits!
Ryan: I'm gona motorboat her, she must be a Sheena.
by dazednconfused August 14, 2008
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