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When one shits at the same time as ripping a queef.
Fuck man, Rachel just sheefed all over Brad's carpet.
by semi-imbalanced triumphant May 19, 2005
Noun: Furry slang for a sheath, the tube of skin around a male's penis in many animals. Typically used in homoerotic furry roleplay or stories.
"Yum, look at that thing poking out of his sheef!"
by StickMutilator September 18, 2006
When a woman queefs & shits simultaniously. Similar to that of a shart.
"She was riding me reverse cowboy and got so aroused that she sheefed all over my chest & face!"

"Omg, I sheefed on Billy last night! It stunk so bad!"

"I was eating her pussy & when I stopped to catch my breath, she blew a humungous sheef right in my mouth. I think she had a ham sandwich for lunch."
by Anewell September 13, 2014
A word, similar to the term 'damn it', that is used to express disappointment or anger.
Sheef, man. We left all the beer at his house.
by sonofamofo August 14, 2010
when a girl queefs and a little shit comes out her pussy. its a deeper fart.
1. I get up out of bed, sheef on the floor, and wipe it up with my sheefing hairs.

2. Sally sheefed.
by ballsackfingerdildo October 15, 2010