prematurely gray hair
...coined from NBA player Rasheed Wallace's gray spot on the top of his hair.
Dude, get some 16 for your sheed.
by Tony Brooms May 02, 2003
performing a task incompetently that someone else has to complete or fix.
Support was angry, Michelle sheeded that upgrade, they had to do it all over.
by Joe Maldonado April 15, 2008
verb - when one finds hisself or herself repetitively saying the word sheed.
after the superbowl, all that the people in new england could do was sheed.
by Timmeh Jimmeh April 06, 2008
To be absolutely crazy, also u like boners in your ass.
Tim's roommate is so sheed when he get behind another guy
by Dirty Jobs December 02, 2007
Person known to attempt to make out with anything that moves, regardless of weight or gender.
at every party unattractive people who mill about and are preyed upon and taken advantage of by a sheed.
by choo nisbet August 13, 2003
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