An immense amount - possible derived from the amount you can get in a shed - or the description of the amount of crap that covers the road (almost specifically designed to kill motorcyclists) when a lorry sheds its load.
Originally heard as Royal Marines slang.
"What do you fancy doing tonight?"

"I dunno, but Bomber has got a fucking shed load of vodka in his fridge and Sally has just got a copy of the porn movie she starred in"

"I'll get the coke!"
by Hammy the Fisk May 27, 2008
Top Definition
British word meaning a large amount of something.
Let's go and paint the town red. I've got a shedload of money to spend.
by wmem December 17, 2005
A term used extensively in Bromyard, Herefordshire to express a multiplicity. Can be (incorrectly) "Shed loads" or "shed-loads".
"Shedloads of fun", "Shedloads of Walking" (Dr Helen Phillips, Natural England on Radio 5 Live - 4th May 2006).
"Earns Shedloads" of money.
by John Pound May 08, 2006
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