A place to masturbate
Remember in 7th grade, when we dared Nathan to masturbate in the shed. That was so gross!
by Ashanna July 19, 2008
a very large unattractive woman.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
a place where people can get frisk if their parents are home or they get locked out of their house. recomended only durring the summer. & get something to clean up the mess. it's also great for "study seshes".
ben: SHED?
brooklynn: hell yeah after school?
ben: kay just text at me.

Brooklynn: omg so i was in the shed with ben last night!
Ben: yeahhhhhhh, im reppin'.
by b-steeze(: March 15, 2010
This is a word used to politly and unoffensively (if around children and the elderly or just misserable family members)say "SHIT !"
"What a load of shed!"
"You little shed!"
"What a shed head"
"Ohh SHED !!"
"Holy shed, that hurt"
by Corpse Grinder March 02, 2004
place of immoral goings on.
by CL October 14, 2003
Dwelling place of small red foxes
by DT October 14, 2003

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