short for shithead, used when you are too lazy or to tired to say it all
JE: "Freaky F you're a fat mastard grick sumbitch"
Freaky F: "yeah, but you be a shed"
by derf January 22, 2005
The home.
yo holmes, you tryin' to get out tonight?

nah, I gots no cash, i'll be chillin' at the shed with my fresh boo. you can roll by, but we'll prolly be bumpin' so...
by lotus_65 February 04, 2009
A place to masturbate
Remember in 7th grade, when we dared Nathan to masturbate in the shed. That was so gross!
by Ashanna July 19, 2008
being hell bent on destroying the garden with use of vicious sub buildings, which are obviously uncontrollable and evil (raised by satan). Also the meaning of a well ordered and formed excretion
Vinnie: What are you Doing?
TriB: Im shedding on youre garden got a problem?
Vinnie: No :( not really. Please be quiet
by TriBull September 07, 2007
A coalcraker term that started in a JTAHS second period math class when one kid was gonna call someone else a toolshed, but didn't want to get a detention. So the word 'shed' was born. Equivelent to tool, toolshed, shmuck, prick, or jackass. More like all of the above rolled into one, nice little package. Shed, Sheddish, Sheddy, Sheds.
Dude, he blew out his engine racing George's caddy. He is such a shed.

Damn, those boys are such shedds.
by jacksprat June 18, 2007
massive skeetage all over a woman's face or body
"Janelle whats that on your face?"-Jeff
"Well i think its SHED" --janelle
"ooh, thank you Jeff"
by WES JOHNSON June 26, 2006
n. A misallaneous game that exists only as an idea or proposition. The act of shed can never be followed through - only proposed and accepted. May also be classed as a sport. Any attempt to actually create a game and set of rules will result in the spontaneous combustion of the attempter's nearby village or town. v. To Shed
The Savage Cabbage : "Hey Andy, wanna play shed?"
G a.k.a 'Andy' : "Yeah"

Brian the Drunkard : (Drunkenly) "Shed?"
The Apparent Voices in his head : "Yes, Brian, Yes"
by Pasta, Hold the Sauce October 11, 2005

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