Somebody who is slow at walking or running
"Fucking hell Andy, you're running like a shed"
by Shedunits October 19, 2014
A slang term for an outdoor Amphitheatre used for live music concerts. Names so because of the roof that covers the pavilion seating. Those under it are in the shed, while the remaining concert attendees see the show from the lawn.
Examples of sheds include Alpine Valley, Deer Creek, or the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

Dave Matthews Band announced another tour this year and they're playing quite a few sheds around the country.
by chupon March 26, 2009
short for "she'd do". a group of sheds can be called homebase, whilst an underage shed is a flatpack
Phwoar, look at that shed. I would do things to that.

That is one hell of a shed.

I need a shed!
by Mr Nipples March 01, 2009
The coolest spot among teenagers and middleaged men to go wack it or pull the pork
Gage:hey man you wanna go wack it my grandmas shed

Jose:sure dawg as long as we don't get caught jerkin our gerkin again
by theholyhabenero December 14, 2013
An abbrevation or another means of calling someone a "tool" or "toolshed".
Jim is such a shed for doing that last night.
by Roman23 April 24, 2007
the area between the head of the penis and the shaft, leading to great sexual pleasure upon contact.
she was all up in my shed and i was like "sweet"
by bruce smiter May 21, 2005
A derogatory term used to describe people who might find themselves rusty, mouldy or full of holes.
"Hi, sorry, I drank all the milk."
"Oh my God, you're such a Shed!"

"Have you put the heating on?"
"Yes, you big old Shed!"
by Lover of frogs October 02, 2013
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