Brit. slang for a crappy car, usually a hatchback, driven by a "Barry Boy".

A popular choice of the acned teen as their first "wheels", sheds are often "done up" with bits of nasty body kit, aftermarket exhausts and - in urban settings - a thumping uprated music system.

Shed owners often can't afford to put petrol in their cars so are commonly spotted on Friday nights meeting other non-driving shed owners in supermarket car parks to exchange advice on the best make of gaffer tape to stop bits of chrome and trim falling off their creations.

See also acronym SOTW (Shed of the Week), a popular spot on the Barry Boys web site.
Gav: "Wotcha got?"
Kev: "58 plate Saxo." "Tmoz I'm gunna slam it and install a sub the size of your sista's ass".
Gav: "Too sweet, I thought you were gunna get a Shed like a 106 ... needin an air dam for the front though"
Kev: "Already ordered, as well as some pimpin side rails".
Gav: "OMG ... your ride FTW"
by North Wind September 15, 2010
Top Definition
to practice, usually a musical insturment. a person does not need to literally be in a shed to 'shed'.
i need to work on my drumming, i'm gonna hit the shed

man you look real tired, looks like you were shedding it all day
by alec October 17, 2004
Slang used to describe a woman's vagina or lady bits.
The term is derived from a misunderstanding English boys had in a tent one night, in Costa Brava, Spain. Since then, the term has took off and is getting used more and more frequently!
Dave: "Last night I discovered Hannah had a tight shed!"
Beth: "My shed needs waxing, if I'm to wear a tight bikini!"
by cummings2k10 July 20, 2010
To practice music by oneself, usually with special care to be kept from being disturbed. Theoretical etymology: Shortened from the word woodshed, where the idea was in order to not only be alone to concentrate, but to refrain from disturbing other people, one would have to retire to the woodshed to practice.
My chops are not what they used to be. I need to go shed.

Man, these parts are crazy hard. I need to go shed them.

I've been shedding all week Michael Brecker's pentatonic concepts. You've been warned.
by BPmusic January 28, 2010
A small storage building usually as part as a garden where people store things like the lawn mower and bikes.
I lock/store my bike inside my shed.
by Vorhees August 02, 2006
Fluttershy's corpse stoage facility.
Hey, hey, he, stay outta my shed, ok?

Bill: Did you see that SHED.MOV video?

John: Yeah. I'm never going in my shed again.
by Tralt May 06, 2012
When you are playing Mechwarrior or Battletech or some other such game involving giant robot walking tanks, and your robot gets a lot of its armour shot off, so that it is very vulnerable to enemy fire, it becomes a shed.
I must retreat as my robot is nothing but a shed.
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
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