Racist term for an African American woman. Combination of "She" and "Baboon"
She was screaming "Lawsy! Lawsy!" when the police took her away. No White woman would do that. It had to be a sheboon.
by Ritzy Cracker November 30, 2010
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Racist slang term for black woman,usually obese and loud-mouthed.
Check out the huge ass on that sheboon!
by Bastard! November 03, 2007
word used to describe the huge, fat, disgusting, foul mouthed, manner-less nigger females.

it is based on the word baboon, to accurately describe the nigger female's extremely close resemblance to said primate
Did you see the news today? Yet ANOTHER sheboon shook one of her 14 nigglets to death.
by tanzit December 29, 2010
A female who resembles a Baboon or similar ape-like animal. Usually in reference to one of African or Asian descent.
Guy 1: "Hey look at that Thai girl!"

Guy 2: "Who? That ugly she-boon over there?"
by rat_killer January 19, 2011

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