1)A large, loud and exciting party; 2) the entirety of any thing or groups of things.
1) Woo! That was some shebang that George Bush threw at the White House last night...I danced until 3AM! and 2) I gathered up the tools, the rope, the spare tire and the trash, and threow the whole shebang in the back of the pickup.
by Lawman October 17, 2003
the affair, the event, the happening
The whole shebang was a successful idea, everyone had fun at the party last night.
by Chartreuse October 11, 2003
another way of saying "okay" , "solid" or "that's good"
friend 1: hows that chick?

friend 2 : she-bang
by 808stateofmind February 06, 2010
variation of the big bang, but with more focus on the femmine aspect of it.
When did the big shebang take place?
by raistlin October 20, 2003
female masterbation
He rmom caught her shebanging
by C.N. October 20, 2003
You buy, shebang.
by Suzanne October 20, 2003
A crude wooden spoon device
Hey, grab that shebang i need to stir my spaghetti.
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
1) to have sexual intercourse with.
2) describing that soeone did everything possible
Yeah, ma bruvah we have had a shebang.

She went out the whole shebang
by The Governator October 19, 2003
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