the cover for a sword save the hilt and guard that prevents you or others from accidentally getting cut
qaz:*slaps varg with sheathed sword*

varg:crap! that would've cut my head off if it wasn't sheathed!

qaz: :3
by ykcir00222 November 09, 2009
Top Definition
The outer covering of an animal's penis. It serves as protection for the penis. It can be found on most mammals save for humans and apes. In other creatures a genital slit serves the same purpose (dolphins, whales, reptiles). The sheath can also be referred to as the prepuce or foreskin, all terms are synonomous.
The stallion's sheath was full of smegma and needed to be cleaned very badly.
by B-Wolf November 19, 2006
v. To have sexual intercourse, but connoting female empowerment in the act.

n. A vagina
v. {girls drinking tea and reading cosmo together} "Sally did you and Tom, you know...?" "What, did I sheath him? Hell yeah I did. I sheathed him good and dirty."

n. "Sally, I want your sheath" "Ok, Tom, here it is."
by A.F. Eminist November 15, 2008
adj: Describes a particularly shiny and soft head of hair.
Arul: Your sheath is looking prime today.
Laura: Gee, thanks! I washed it last night!

Maddy: Do you think I should cut my hair?
Laura: No leave it as it is, it's such a sheath!
by lozenge March 31, 2013
How my sister's friend refered to her horse's penis foreskin.
Sarah: The vet says your horse needs it's sheath cleaned. He can do it but I'll show you how to do it your self, it's cheaper. *wink*
Meliisa: *grins and follows her into the barn*
Me: looks at paper that clearly says "foreskin" not "sheath" *gags and runs behind hay bale*
by Jerk October 21, 2004
Any form of sexual protection that a male can get his hands on e.g. Condom, Cling Film, Crisp Packet
Girl: Don't you think you better go get a sheath before we go one stage further?

Boy: Sure thing sweetypie! What flavour do you desire?

Girl: Hmm... strawberry sundae?

Boy: Sorry honeybun... I only have ready salted left.
by Wilsonio May 14, 2008
I sheathed my sword to have safe sex.
by KawaiiAnime October 27, 2003
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