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"shdocvw.dll" is another Microsoft trolling file that attempts to piss you off for uninstalling IE8 and other Microsoft Programs.

WARNING: Do not attempt to clean your Windows computer. It needs the clusterfuck of uselessness to thrive.

It is usually located in Windows/System32 but has been known to magically disappear or sometimes fail.

It cannot be destroyed, and will send countless and repetitive pop-ups whenever you open Messenger, IE, or programs that use similar libraries.

FIX'D: Re-install Internet Explorer 8 for great justice and less Official Microsoft Spamboxes.
Faithful Windows Faggot:

"Oh fuck my life, another error in Windows. What's this then? 'shdocvw.dll'?
Oh, well that's simple, I'll just copy a non corrupted version of this library file over this corrupted one!
by Whatifiwanttousemyrealname? November 08, 2009
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