A name used mostly to describe an adored, red-headed female. Shaylyn's are typically beautiful, intelligent, and superior creatures, crowned and designated by their glorious shining headsuits.
In addition to the obvious red hair and amazing personality, a true Shaylyn can be determined by the following:
outrageously porcelain and perfect skin
amazing body
gorgeous face
brilliant eyes.
A Shaylyn can always be found making the most humorous and interesting conversation in the room.
Shaylyn's usually have the most handsome boyfriends.
doug-"wow, I just adore that porcelain skinned, red headed beauty over there with the amazing personality and brilliant eyes. she's so smart and funny! plus her headsuit is magnificent! I should go talk to her."
doug's wingman-"nah b, she's way out of your league. She's a pure Shaylyn...anyway, she's with that stud standin next to her. give it up, bub"
by mrmerman February 05, 2010
Top Definition
the most beautiful girl in the whole, she makes you feel great when youre together and everything about her is perfect, her eyes, height, face, lips, body, and personality. she comforts you when you need it the most and crys in your arms when shes sad. she gives you a lot of affection and likes to be complimented even if she denies them. if youre with a shaylyn then she will love you forever and if you really care for her then you must make sure you do the same.
"i love shaylyn with all my heart and soul"
by valthalas November 24, 2011
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