First off to da definition dat amber said it has nothin' to do w/ white people. it's usually referred to a gurl.
by lynn October 16, 2003
A girl that is a man's sideline chick; she is up for anything the man wants to do. However, the shawty cannot call him or meet him at his house because she must remain hidden from the man's wife or real girlfriend.
I love my shawty cause she does more fun things that my wife does not do.
by Big A from the VA May 13, 2008
al, poillu poillu and all theses kind of rotten stuff.
shawty, r u crashed away ?
by alzi September 12, 2006
for us niggaz on the down low (gay) shawty is our bitch (male bottom)
my shawty could take the hole thing up his fine phat black azz
by down low boi February 24, 2004
a midget woman with large breasts that spurt warm milk
got shawty milk?
by DaFunk June 11, 2003
It be a word used to describe a nigga trippin, talkin shit without backin it up
Yeh now watup shawty?
by Ill_Handle November 07, 2003
WTF!!!!Why the ^#(& do you people say this without knowing what it means. If i get called shawty one more time im gonna kill someone.
Holla' bak shawty!
by XBAW March 06, 2003

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