1)Yo friends

2)a word when u trynna holla at a gurl

3)a short person(sometimes)

4)a fake gangstawansta

5)a nickname

Shawty is mostly used by southern folks,or ghetto folks
1)go shawty it's ya birthday

2)yo shawty c'mere lemme holla at cha

3)dang shawty u short

4)shawty back up what ya talk busta..

5)wassup ma name sha..b.k.a. shawty
by Risa January 31, 2004
shawty is a litlle dog, also called pit-bull... in france.
Look at my shawty! it is pissing on that cop..
by Souf da frenchie July 29, 2003
A woman that can chill with you and have any kind of great relationship.
You mind if I bring my shawty to the party.
by Dilirious August 24, 2008
this is a way that guyz call out there gurlz
hey shawty, ya ready to roll
by Jarylin February 14, 2005
a boy hollin at a gurl or whateva or u can jus call someone one, like yo folk
A shawty what upp folk!
by Jassy Cute April 19, 2003
A person of the opposite sex, with whom you have an agreement.
"Nah, that aint my girl, that's my shawty."
by Piggyadig March 17, 2008
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