Sexy female,
but some people use it in wrong and call themselves "shawty" when they are actualy pmsing wangster cows who's balls have not dropped yet.
I think these people need to mature.
Carol calls herself a shawty, when she is actually the things listed above.
by fatbitch October 02, 2007
{n.} an Atlanta based universal word used to define an individual, MALE OR FEMALE. Used in any type of situation
Shawty 'nem was walking cross the street when Shawty jumped out and scared Shatwy. So shawty swung on shawty and knocked him out. Then shawty 'nem rode out to the Dec.
by Mimi (E-SIDE DECATUR ATL) April 26, 2005
shawty is a litlle dog, also called pit-bull... in france.
Look at my shawty! it is pissing on that cop..
by Souf da frenchie July 29, 2003
a name in witch a boy friend calls a girl friend or a girl that is a friend ,a nickname for a friend of a girl gender, guys that are GAY may be called that but other wise this name is for a girl that is ghetto, hood, or pimped.
guy:hey shawty what it do

girl: nothing much baby you

guy :just chillen shawty
by T!@r@.M April 25, 2008
Shawty or {Shorty} can be used in many different ways. Lately because of the {crunk} phenomenum, alot of people say that the word was originated in Atlanta Georgia. It actually orginates in Richmond Virginia. The youth in the inner area of the {cap city} use the word like it is going out of style. The word Shawty itself goes back 40 to 50 yrs. Richmond area youth have grandfathers who still to this day say the word.
Yo, shawty boy over there is gettin' on my nerves.
Shawty!, you tryin' to do somethin' or not?
by Hoodie September 03, 2006
1)Yo friends

2)a word when u trynna holla at a gurl

3)a short person(sometimes)

4)a fake gangstawansta

5)a nickname

Shawty is mostly used by southern folks,or ghetto folks
1)go shawty it's ya birthday

2)yo shawty c'mere lemme holla at cha

3)dang shawty u short

4)shawty back up what ya talk busta..

5)wassup ma name sha..b.k.a. shawty
by Risa January 31, 2004
same as shorty. (two)
shes a shawty
by ahijadoshadowha March 01, 2009

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